Day ONE - Friday 27th May 

On Friday it was on to the Moors event held Tetenbull/Kaltenhorn. 1st off were our under-age Girls where Rachel Kingston came 6th with 757.05mt, Ellen Sexton 9th with 676.2mt & Margaret Sexton 10th with 673mt. the Girls secured a Bronze Team Medal, next up we had the youths Tommy O'Sullivan was the best of the Irish here carding 1115.55 mt and only missing out on Gold by 9.5mt. Darragh Dempsey came in Bronze position 54.45mt behind Tommy on 1061.10mt. Jamie Kelleher was 4th & Phillip Conlon 15th. The Boy's secured Team Silver. Hannah Sexton was best of the Women comming in at 7th place with 904mt, Claire O'Sullivan 17th, Meghan Collins 18th, Hannah Cronin 19th Ciara Buckley 22nd and Maria Nagle 23rd. No team medal for the Women. And so on to the men where Martin Coppinger came in at Bronze position with 1337.1mt only missing out by 2.9mt for Gold. James O'Donovan 7th, Seamus Sexton 14th, Gary Daly 21st, David Murphy 23rd, Tim Young 24th, Brian Wilmot 26th, Eamy Bowen 30th, Micheal Bohane 32nd & Tom O'Donovan 33rd. The men secured Team Bronze.

All Photo's by Gretta Cormican